It all started with 8 little chicks!

Hey there, I’m Ana.

I teach 6th grade. My husband works from home. We have 2 girls, Vitoria, whom the farm is named after, and Savanna. We also have our son, Justin who lives within our property.

Together, we are a small scale, diverse, family owned and operated farm located in the charming town of Dade City, FL.

We raise a variety of breeds of  chickens, Cotunrix Quail, Broad Breasted White Turkeys, Blue Slate Turkey, Ancona, Pekin, and Muscovy ducks on a total combined 20 acres of land at our animals’ disposal.

We rotate them through the pastures as needed.

We raise our chickens from day 1. Many of them have hatched at our facility.

We feed our free range flock high quality NON GMO  whole grains free of soy and corn.

Eggs and meat produced from our free range flocks are legally sold locally at the farm and at The Farmhouse Market & Cafe in downtown Dade City, FL.

We are passionate about the breeds we raise.

We raise a variety of rare breeds and some common breeds as well.

Most of our parent stock originate from Greenfire lines, acquired directly from Greenfire by us or through popular breeders in the US.

We participate in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) # 58-72577E.

This means our breeding flock is tested twice a year for potential illnesses common in our state. We are AI/PT clean.

We practice biosecurity at our farm.

For this reason, we only have visitors by appointment.

On the day of the appointment, we provide our visitors with shoe covers, as part of our biosecurity porotocol. This is to avoid any cross contamination.

Chicken flock - Isa Brown Hens

Everything Moves on Our Farm

Even the breeders, who live in a confined 5×10 coop, is provided the opportunity to access sunlight and green grass during off breeding season.

When in season, we make sure to provide them with alfafa grass, vitamins, and electrolytes in their water.

We don’t feed our breeders organic, but we invest in other sources of vitamins and nutrition for them, such as fruit and vegetables.

Once our chicks are 5 weeks old, they move out of the brooder and are taken out to the pasture to continue to grow on the grass, inside hand made chicken tractors that we build and move on a fixed schedule, usually every 2 days to a fresher spot.

Keeping Our Animals Safe

We invest in high quality infrastructure to keep our animals safe from potential predators.

All of our breeders our housed in 5×10 Tarter cage panels which are built to last and withstand any vicious attack by any ground predators.

Our property is surrounded by horse fence.

As of June, 2019, we have also acquired a small family of Pilgrim geese, and they came to our farm with their 3 beautiful babies. 

The main purpose for geese is to guard and protect out free range flock from both ground and areal predators, specially when we rotate our flock to a pasture where we don’t maintain residence.